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2014-07-29, 13:31
I love Ultimate Campgrounds and use it all the time.
2014-04-16, 06:25
Great app. I’m glad someone took the time to do this!
David Kingham
2014-03-27, 15:49
BTW I can't thank you enough for this app!
Phil Nichols
2014-01-07, 15:52
I've also loaded the App for your database into my wife's new iPad and it works great!
2013-12-16, 06:54
Ted doesn't know I'm about to advertise for him, but his App for public campgrounds is SO awesome that I gifted it to my RV'ing Dad. I had to look up how to gift an App, but it worked so well that I will share how, in case anyone else is interested. For $4.99 it is a very useful and handy gift: 1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad (I'm sorry I'm not familiar with others) 2. Search for "Ultimate Campground" app in the search box at the top 3. When you see the Lazy Daze on his app, select that app by touching anywhere on the app (I did NOT click "open" as that would take me out of the app store). This opens all the screens sharing info on that particular app, and you are still within the App store. 4. See at the top right of the page- there's a little square with an arrow pointing up? Click on that square with an up arrow. 5. At the bottom of the screen, up comes some choices- you want to click on "Gift" 6. You'll need to enter your gift recipient's email address. 7. Then Dad then got an email saying that I had sent him an App as a gift. 8. Then Dad "Accepted" the app by clicking on a link in that email that he received and he entered his Apple ID so it would download onto his phone. He loves his new Ultimate Campgrounds App too! Hope that helps someone who is looking for a fun gift for a wonderful RV friend!
Tony & Karen
2013-12-01, 01:59
The creator of the site has done an excellent job of gathering information from many different sources to compile the best and most complete website of public campgrounds that I’ve found.
2013-11-06, 14:51
Wow, thanks for creating that web site. It is awesome..... Totally awesome. I am blown away. It is really inclusive. I started looking to see if I could find places that you did not have listed...... Your site included all my "secret" places.

I am going to be able to use your site as my PRIMARY research tool when looking for our next camp site.

Thanks again for sharing your site with me.
2013-11-05, 04:10
It is free online (try it out) or if you have an iphone (I don't) there is an app for it while traveling.
2013-10-17, 21:06
I have the AllStays App and it's a good one because of the great variety of information it has, such as some Wal-Marts that allow overnight parking , some casinos with overnight parking, some propane places, some grocery stores, some private campgrounds, etc. It's probably my most used travel type app. However, like any app that tries to be all things to all people, it simply can't. It's more of a Jack of all trades but a master of none. That's why there will always be a need for truly specialized apps like the Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project. It is a truly comprehensive app devoted to public campgrounds. If having info about *some* public campgrounds is adequate for your needs, AllStays is a good choice. If you want virtually all public campgrounds, you need the Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project.
2013-07-31, 11:00
After a relatively long day of westward traveling on mostly back roads of Iowa and Nebraska, we stopped at the very small town of Exeter, NE on US 6, to look on the computer for a camping site for the night. Thanks to Millenicom, we were able to easily get online. We usually don't prefer staying in those "Pack Em In" private campgrounds but rather stay in those public camping sites across the country that are excellently listed in Ted Houghton's "Ultimate US Public Campground Project Maps and Points of Interest (POI) List!" Upon checking this listing we found to our surprise, Exeter had a city park three blocks from us with two concrete RV sites with 50-amp electric for only $10/night! We were the only ones staying that night. Ever since learning of Ted's site on this LD forum, we have found countless similar camping sites that couldn't have been easily found any other way. My hat is off to Ted for assembling such a fine reference for our style of camping. I also support his endeavor by submitting camping locations I have found not heretofore listed. Ted will accept donations to help defer the cost of maintaining the site from those that find his site useful. I certainly will be using the site as we continue our westward journey into the Rockies.
We have already traveled 3000 miles since leaving Florida going up through Michigan to the upper peninsula and back down through Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa and have not seen one LD except ours reflecting in small town store front windows. I guess we stay too far out on the back roads. This might change the further west we go.
All the best to you that are traveling this year,
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