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2016-07-13, 18:18
This app is wonderful! I have about five apps that this one took the place of. Any type of camping I want to do, there's a search for that.
2016-07-02, 17:13
Greatest app out there for the public campgrounds. The sites you specialize in are truly the best. They are usually the most peaceful and beautiful as well as the most economical. I appreciate your hard work on this project and responsiveness to inquiries.
2016-06-24, 01:06
Thank you!! GREAT app!
2016-06-10, 22:49
Thank you! I love your app!
2016-04-28, 12:21
For public campsites, in my experience, I still believe Ulitimate CG to be the most complete. In just this past month they have updated the database twice on my iPhone. I'm smart enough to know there is better information out there directly from say, the state of Ohio on their state parks, but when I am driving down the road at 65 mph and want a fast answer Ultimate CG is what I use for expedience. Now if anyone has a better source I would certainly look at it.
Jim B.
2016-04-17, 21:00
I am sold on Ultimate Campground. How great to have so many camping choices, consistent info thru all types of campgrounds, and seamlessly across state lines.
2016-04-15, 20:58
This app is a great value and useful if you re looking for a public camp site around the country.
2016-04-14, 20:56
Amazingly accurate and surprisingly thorough/complete for this PCT hiker.
2016-03-15, 00:44
Don't leave home without it! We boondock 90% of the time and search out inexpensive sites the other 10%. This app never lets us down. Great resource!
2016-03-14, 11:35
I just installed the Ultimate Public Campground Project app on my cell phone. My goodness ... like finding a small pot of gold. I can't even imagine the amount of work it took to develop such an important traveling/camping resource.
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