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Mike R.
2016-12-07, 19:33
Best Campground App available!
2016-10-25, 10:52
My favorite app when traveling! What a world this has opened for us when traveling in our small RV. We used to go from State Park to State Park. We are delighted to find so many other options. It's a great resource!
2016-10-23, 10:53
Great resource Never fails me!
2016-10-21, 14:06
This is an amazing app to find public lands to camp on. It also lists other camp and rv parks. I highly recommend if you would like to boondock.
2016-10-07, 12:02
An indispensable application for anyone who wants to "wander". I used this on a three-month coast-to-coast motorcycle camping tour and made daily use of it to find local camp sites while on the road. You can't do better than this! In addition, the developer is "very" responsive to problem reports and provides frequent updates for both the database it uses and the application itself.
2016-09-06, 18:26
I'm a huge fan of the sort/search capabilities. As an example my wife really likes to make sure we have flush toilets while at the same time I prefer to camp at higher elevations so we can make both of those requests on that app and find out where we like to both be and be comfortable. Awesome!
2016-08-08, 00:28
Must have! If you love camping at local, regional, state and national campsites - this is a must have app. Everything you need to find the perfect spot and connect to the park. Lets you keep a Favorites list, too.
2016-08-07, 00:31
A fabulous product. I'm blown away by what I see on my PC. I can't tell whether it's the map software or the graphic designer's skill that made your website look and act this awesome, but this is the best map-oriented website I've ever seen.
2016-07-31, 12:08
Excellent! Best CG inventory out there.
2016-07-20, 17:33
Great app! Don't know where else you would find all these campgrounds
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