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Teardrop Travelers
2017-05-25, 21:35
What a great help for campers! Zoom and click, all public campgrounds in your location show up. Click and you get quick basic info... Click again, more details and usually a phone number! Flow seamlessly across state and county lines, without fumbling around the internet to navigate each state's website. Works even without internet... If you have internet, web links and weather, etc are provided. This is essential for our traveling style.... Like blowing tumbleweeds, we don't always know how far we will travel each day. But we need a place to rest at night. I usually wait until afternoon and start looking for our place for the night. This app is almost perfect and is a stress eliminator!
2017-05-12, 15:16
As a full time RV-er, I just had to thank you for an awesome and useful website. I've sent a few helpful notes your way in the past, but nothing compares to the great work your team does providing such awesome information on campgrounds throughout the country.

you make my day a little brighter each time I use you site. so here's a huge THANK YOU!
2017-05-06, 00:36
Great app - as advertised. This app is a great way to find free and low cost camping. It more than paid for itself with my first use!!
2017-04-24, 19:19
App is working like a charm on our iPhone!!! You have gone above and beyond with your customer service. Even though it wouldn't work on my silly fire phone you stepped up! This by far is the best camping app I have seen and I've used several and they are Crap compared to yours!! Found a place right away to stay! We will be traveling Utah, Colorado, California, and any states between and this app will make finding a place to stay so much easier! We also will be mentioning this to all our traveling buddies! Thanks again!
2017-04-22, 11:23
This app is my go to app for free and low cost camping. I find it extremely easy to use, shows many camping options, and I feel it's definitely worth the cost.
2017-03-29, 12:32
My wife and are retired and travel extensively and camp. This app has been indispensable! We usually have no set schedule or route plan so it's really nice to have this app to find camp sites 'on the fly'. I HIGHLY recommend if you camp and want to avoid RV and other commercial campgrounds.
2017-02-04, 14:53
We've been using the Ultimate Campground for a number of years and generally found it's the best resource for public campsite information. But it's improved dramatically in the past year with better campsite type filters and much faster operation on Apple devices. This is now head and shoulders above anything else. If you spot campground information that is outdated just hit the Share button and Report a Location Issue to submit your correction. The times I've submitted corrections the developers have responded quickly and cordially.
2017-01-29, 19:35
Ultimate Campgrounds is a wonderful product and superb value, we use it in our planning and on the road.
2017-01-21, 19:38
This is the first app I've used that took the time to write a simple easy to understand explanation on how to use the app. Thank you.
2017-01-06, 18:22
This is the only app I use to find public campgrounds because of your seemingly tireless efforts to maintain its functionality. I brag about it and recommend it to others as much as possible for that very reason.
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