AcknowledgementsWe couldn't do it alone!

I could never have put together this site without the help of a number of people. To be honest, it wasn't even my idea - that credit goes to George Peters, who sent me a note back in February 2011 suggesting that I adapt my POI campground list to a web presentation. When I told him that I had no clue on how to do that, he proceeded to guide me through the process, patiently emailing me samples and instructions. Thanks to George, I learned how to build KML files for Google Maps and how to make a clickable map of the United States.

My biggest thanks go to my son Geoff. After watching my two previous rather amateurish attempts at web sites for the Campground Project, he decided it was time to step in and put together a truly functional and professional web site for me. Geoff is an artist and web site designer, and his skills are evident in this all-new site.  He has been more than patient in helping me learn to navigate the behind-the-scenes intricacies of maintaining the new site. Son, my heart-felt thanks! Support his artistic endeavors here: 

The folks who developed our apps deserve special credit. Bill Modesitt is the guy behind the iOS and Mac apps. Bill kept after me until I was finally convinced that I needed an iOS app, and did a superb job of producing it. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with Bill. The other app guy is son Geoff, whom I finally persuaded last year to work on an Android app. He tackled it and the result has been fantastic. Thanks to both Bill and Geoff.

A mighty :Thank You" goes to Tom Hillegass, of "" for his suggestion that we collaborate in compiling Canadian data. He provided me a list on which he had been working; I spent about six months fleshing it out and adding more locations. I passed my data back to Tom just before his passing away in April 2015. We hadn't had the chance to meet in person, but I considered him a good friend and collegue, despite our being competitors. Thank you, Tom.

Another big contributor has been Ed Daniels. Ed is an intrepid camper and has taken great interest in helping to locate and identify public campgrounds. He has a great knack for locating out-of-the way places that have been on my "need to find" list for several years. We call that list the Phelps List, as in the Mission Impossible Mr. Phelps; Ed accepts the mission and completes it. He has also been a great help in QC'ing the information in the database. 

My thanks go to Larry Farquhar who graciously gave me permission to use data from his awesome US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website. Also, Andrew Koransky has kindly shared data from his project with me.

A number of folks have contributed campground information - Ken Fears, Keith Williams, Brian Robertson, Paul Hendrickson, George Peters, Dennis Graham, David Wolf, Sue Wharton, Robert Marshall, Rich Heyman, Steve Engquist and many others.

And finally, a big thank-you to many unknown folks who have also done a lot of work on providing campground information on the web.

 Our Friends
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