About The Ultimate Public Campground Project

The Ultimate Public Campground Project was conceived in 2008 to provide a consolidated and comprehensive source for public campgrounds of all types. It all began with a simple POI list of coordinates and names, nothing more, totaling perhaps 5000 locations. As the list grew in size and information provided, a website was designed to display the data on a map. Next came mobile apps, first iOS and Mac apps and more recently Android versions. All our products draw from the same database.

Early in 2015 we added Canada public campgrounds to our data, followed by Alaska, and in 2016 Hawaii became part of our database.

Ultimate Campgrounds is NOT the product of some large company with deep pockets. We are a team of three, all working on this as a part-time avocation: Ted is the founder of Ultimate Campgrounds and its Data Meister, Bill is our iOS and Mac developer and Geoff is our Android guy. Both Ted and Bill have been camping for many years and Ultimate Campgrounds reflects their interest in accurate and useful campground information.

Please note that despite our best efforts, there will always be errors to be found in the data. With over 38,000 records in our database, it is impossible to ensure that each one is up-to-date. Ted tries to work his way through the data at least once a year to pick up things like increased fees and URL’s that always seem to be changing. On an annual basis, it requires reviewing at least 100 locations each and every day of the year – that’s a pretty tall order.

Thus we always appreciate input from users who have found errors....or would like to submit a new location. Ted says: "My goal is accuracy, so I will gratefully accept any and all input."

You can find a lot more information about Ultimate Campgrounds on our FAQ page.






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