Tips on Using the POI List

The list is in a .csv file (sorted by Campground Type, then State, then Name), so it can loaded as-is into various GPS systems. With a little basic knowledge and use of Excel or other spreadsheet program, you can open the file and separate the campgrounds by Organization and load each type along with a corresponding icon. 

The zipped file that you download contains both the POI list and files containing the map icons we use on our maps and a set formatted for CoPilot Mobile.

We offer two lists: one for the US (includes Alaska and Hawaii) and one for Canada.

Read the FAQ

1. You can extract the campgrounds by type, i.e., Forest Service, state park, etc; just copy and paste each block of Type into separate files. Likewise, you can sort by style of camping you preferm such as RV, tenting, or back-country hiking.

2. These are all the icons we use on our web map as well as apps.

3. Here's a list of all the abbreviations used in the POI list.

4. In MS Streets & Trips, you can import the files sorted by type and then add a corresponding icon for each type, which will show on your map. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it.

5. Here's how to load the list into most Garmin GPS systems.

6. For offline use you can import our POI list into CoPilot Mobile or

7. The list can also be imported into several other apps and programs, such as MS Maps Pro, Delorme Street Atlas, and Locus.

8. To learn more about converting files and locating other POI lists, check out our GPS information page.

POI List Column Definitions

A = Longitude

B = Latitude

C = Campground Name

D = Comments (Amenities, Fees, etc.)

E = State

F = Web Address

G = Type of Campground "Ownership" (See paragraph below)

H = Style of camping: 1 = Tent, 2 = RV, 3 = Cabins, 4 = Walk-in* 5 = Hike-in, 6 =  Boat-in, 7 = Group,

8 = Back-country shelters

* = Means that the campsite is a short distance from where one parks. It does NOT refer to non-reservable sites.

Campground Types Included

st= state

for=US Forest Service

np=National Park

blm=Bureau of Land Management

cp=county/regional park

ind=Indian Reservation

coe=Corps of Engineers

ut=utility company


fws= US Fish & Wildlife

br=US Bureau of Reclamation

tva=Tennessee Valley Authority


pri=Non-profit, such as museums or conservation groups

misc = miscellaneous

at=Appalachian Trail

pct=Pacific Crest Trail

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