Import POI List into CoPilot MobileProvides Off-Line Use

One solution for the issue of off-line use is to import our POI list into the CoPilot Mobile app. Although this method does not provide for the campground details  to be shown, it does plot the campground locations on the CoPilot map and shows their names. Using our unique campground icons it is possible to see on the CoPilot map the same icons you would see in our apps or on our website.

We suggest you stop and consider how you plan to use the list before proceeding. You might want to open the POI file in Excel (or equivalent) and separate out the states in which you are interested. You might also think about removing the types of campgrounds in which you have no interest. For example, if you travel in an RV, you certainly don't care about cluttering the map with pins for back-country hike-in sites or boat-access only sites. Col H in the poi file contains a number (or numbers) for the various types of campground. For example, for RV use, keep any record that has a "2" in Col H (including ones where there is a "2" plus one or more other numbers). If you're a back-country hiker, then keep any records that have a "5" or an "8" in Col H. You can find the code for the campground types in our Tips on Using POI List page.

To have the appropriate icons to show on the map, you'll have to open the file and sort by campground category:

1. Open the list in any text editor, such as Notepad.

2. Select and copy all the rows containing one campground type, such as "coe".

3. Open a new blank Notepad file.

4.Paste the rows you just copied into the new file.

5. Save the file, using the name of the campground type, such "coe.csv".

6. Repeat for each campground type.

7. You will need to change the columns to match CoPilot's requirements - they are in a different order and need specific headers as shown in the CoPilot links below.

If you have Excel, you might find it easier to sort the data than using a text editor.

The names of the .csv file and its matching icon have to be the same, such as "coe.csv" and "coe.png".

You can find a set of icons formatted for CoPilot as part of our POI list download file.

Complete instructions for importing into CoPilot can be found on their website: Android or iOS