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Wondering why we think our mobile apps are the best?

First of all, our apps concentrate solely on publicly-owned camping locations. Commercial campgrounds are not included. The types of parks included are:

BLM, COE, USFS, TVA, Nat Parks, US BOR, US FWS, military, state, county, municipal, utility, Indian reservations, non-profits, and misc.

- Unique color-coded and labeled icons are used to denote each type, making it very easy to identify on the map the type of campground without having to click on the icon.

- We include military campgrounds since they are government-owned and we have many retired military users of our data. However, as noted in the app description, they generally are not open to the public, except for a few.

- Filters: Users can also filter on their preference for camping; tent, RV, cabins, walk-in, hike-in, boat-in and group sites, as well as for amenities, activiities and elevation as well as a few other items.

- Additionally our filters are remembered from one session to; with other campground apps, the filters must be reset each time the app is used.

- iOS: Search: Users can search by name for a campground. Both: Users can move to an area of interest by entering a town name or latitude/longitude coordinates.

- Favorites: Both apps allow the user to mark any locations as a Favorite which is saved in a list that can be accessed anytime.

- We offer information on all sorts of camping opportunities, ranging from full-service RV parks, such as COE, to boondocking locations, boat-in sites and back-country hiking destinations. Our last app updates included over 33,000 locations.

- The data used in the app is constantly being reviewed, revised, etc. We have been working on the data for 8 years now, correcting current listings as we find more information about them, adding new locations, and even deleting entries that further research shows are not available for camping. An updated version of the app with the newest data is issued monthly. We have seen apps where the data has not been updated since the initial release of the app months ago. We encourage user-input to help ensure our listings are up-to-date.

- We maintain a separate file with over 3000 entries that we have not yet been able to verify well enough to include. We’re constantly working to learn more about them so we can either include them or delete them from consideration.

- For national, state, or local parks with multiple campgrounds, we include each campground as a separate entry, enabling us to show the unique information for each one. Other apps show just one entry for the entire park.  For example, let’s say you are interested in visiting Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico. The current leading app out there shows only one entry for Elephant Butte, and it’s not even correctly placed. Our app shows locations and details of 16 different camping locations in the park. Some of the campgrounds have hookups, others do not; the same for showers and other amenities. Another example is Canyonlands National Park in Utah, where the other app shows 3 locations, Ultimate Campgrounds presents 39 locations:

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Ultimate Public Campground Project

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 - iOS: The data reside within the app, but the map tiles must be "fetched" and thus an internet connection is required for basic use of the app. In some cases your device may "cache" map tiles for a particular area, making them available for off-line use (see below). Other features that require the internet are supplemental things such as additional searches for more info on that location and the elevation.

  -- You can download portions of the map for offline viewing - this is best done right before you are to travel to an area with no Internet connection.  Here’s how:

   --- Tap the map button (bottom right) on the main map view.

   --- Choose a map other than Apple Maps.

   --- Navigate to the area you will be traveling to.

   --- Scroll around and zoom in/out as much as possible to download and cache the map tiles.

   --- Now when you travel to a location on the map that you have downloaded, the app will display the cached map, even without an Internet connection!

- Android: The data are in the app, but map tiles come via internet, so at the moment, an internet connection is necessary to use the app. We are looking at various options that would allow us to include mapping within the app, thus allowing off-line use.

- iOS: The app is fully compatible with iOS 6 and up, and works equally well on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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