iOS Filter Information

The optional filters help you view only those locations in which you are interested.

On the bottom of the map view is the Filter button - see figure 1 below.  If the button name has a dot proceeding the name, that means the filters are active.  Otherwise the filters are not active and all locations will appear on the map.
  • To view the filter, tap on the Filter button and the Filter menu appears - see figure 2 below.
  • Tap Show Filters and the Filter list appears - see figure 3 below.
  • To set the filter to show all locations, tap the Defaults button on the Filter list view so no filters are checked.
  • Tap the Show at Startup button to always show the Filter list at app startup.  If the Show at Startup switch is off, then all the locations appear on the map when the app starts.
Filter examples:
Suppose you do not want to see Appalachian Trail campgrounds on the map.  In the Organization group, check all organizations except Appalachian Trail, and Appalachian Trail campgrounds will not appear on the map.

Suppose you only want to see campgrounds that have showers.  Under the Showers group, check both "Yes, free" and "Yes, fee" to show only campgrounds that have showers.  If "Yes, free" and "Yes, fee" are not checked, then the campgrounds on the map may or may not have showers.

Suppose you only wanted to see campgrounds that have hiking or mountain biking trails (or both).  Under the Activities group, check both Hiking and Mountain Biking.  Now only campgrounds that have Hiking or Mountain Biking (or both) appear. 
If Hiking and Mountain Biking are not checked, then the campgrounds on the map may or may not have hiking or mountain biking.

Note that the filter behavior may have changed from earlier versions.

Figure 1, the Filter button.

Figure 2, the Filter menu.


Figure 3, example Filter list.

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