iOS Filter Information

Filters allow you to select what you want to view and what you don't want to view on the map


For example, if you're interested only in COE campgrounds, turn off all the Organization filters except for Corps of Engineers. The average RV'er will probably want to turn off the Walk-in, Hike-in and Boat-in and possibly Group filters in the Type of Campgrounds section. Note that some locations have several different Types of Campgrounds filters, such as a state park with RV, Tent, and Hike-in Sites.

Amenities and Activities filters:

Some locations may be included even when the location contains amenities and activities that you have disabled. If you are interested in Hiking and Biking and have only those two filters enabled, you will undoubtedly see returns that also include other activities. That is because the locations you see include both Hiking and Biking, but also happen to have other activities as well.

Have at least one filter enabled in each section.

This applies to each of the sections or groups. In general, you’ll probably want to keep most of them enabled.

If you're not seeing all the locations you think you should be seeing, check to see that you have the appropriate filters enabled.

To enable or disable filters, just tap the circle to the right of the item you want to change.

Here's how the Filters screen works:


Filters How to

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