Android Filter Information

To access the filters settings page, tap on the downward-pointing triangle at the top of the map page.

and filters1

On the filters page, you will see below the Set Filters button a list of regions. We recommend that you select just one or two regions in which you are interested - it will greatly reduce the time it takes to load all the campground icons onto the map.

and filters2

Scrolling down the page a bit you'll see a set of filters you can set for the type of camping that you prefer. For example, if you are a tent camper, you could choose the "Tent" and "Walk-in" options.

and filters3

Below the Campground Types you will come to the Secondary filters. At the top of this section is a master toggle switch that lets you choose whether you want to use the secondary filters or not. If the box beside "Use Secondary Filters" is not checked, you will see all campgrounds in the regions and types you chose above. Turn this toggle on (as shown in the figure below) to select items in the various categories shown. When you select an item, only campgrounds that offer that item will show on the map. The more items you select, the more you are narrowing your options and fewer campgrounds will appear.

and filters4

In the Elevations section you need to be sure to select at least one range of values; if you select none, then you will see no campgrounds on the map.

and filters6

A consideration with regard to the use of the filters: despite our efforts to have our information as complete as possible, there are instances where we have not been able to find out about something. An example might be showers: there are some locations where we do not know if there are showers or not. If you select the Showers filter, you will only see locations where we know there are showers, but there are undoubtedly a number of other campgrounds that have showers, but do not mention that in their websites. Available information varies a great deal among campgrounds.

One final thought: if you think that you are no seeing all the campgrounds that you should be, check your filters. The best way to be sure you seeing every location is to turn off the Secondary filters, select all the Campground Types and choose the region where you are located. Also be sure to zoom in close enough on the map that the clusters break out into the individual icons.